Terrace Applies for Three More RCMP Officers

Social issues in downtown Terrace has sparked chatter of obtaining additional policing support.

A request for more officers has officially been submitted, as the local detachment is still without an inspector, following Sid Lecky's departure earlier this summer.

Adding officers to any RCMP detachment isn't as easy as you may think. The request spends time at all three levels of government before taking up to a full calendar year to be approved.

Chief Administrative Officer Heather Avison says It's process that the City of Terrace has chosen to begin.

"A lot of it is just paying attention to what's happening around us. I think everyone is aware that we are struggling at the moment with some challenges with social issues in the downtown and things like that." Avison said.

The detachment in Terrace operates four shifts over each work day, and with the current amount of members absences and other issues have put them in a tough position.

"One of the things we have to be cognisant of is that we don't burnout our RCMP. It's the biggest part of our budget. We have some issues in our downtown, we are aware of that and we've been working with the RCMP and social service agencies so that we can help stop vagrancy in the downtown." Said Mayor Carol Leclerc.

The request is to increase the Terrace detachment from 25 to 28 officers, and the main purpose of the request is to enhance safety in the downtown area and to add officers to the crime reduction unit.