Terrace Wants It's Share of Cannibis Revenues

Terrace City Council agrees that 50 percent of the provincial share of the cannabis tax sharing formula be provided to local governments.

Council voted unanimously to write a letter to the province requesting them to agree to sharing the revenue with local governments.

Mayor Carol Leclerc said most of the financial stress of legalizing marijuana will fall on municipalities and sees no reason why they shouldn't be included in the revenue sharing.

"So a couple of things that we will be paying for are administrative, they will include any zoning that needs to be done. There's the policy development that we need to be doing, there's the business licenses that need to happen. The big cost is probably policing."

This was all in response to a letter the City of West Kelowna wrote to local governments across the province, requesting support in lobbying  to receive a fair share of the revenue.

Governments at the federal and provincial level are still sorting out exactly how the revenue sharing system will work.

Lelerc says once that is done, municipalities will have a better idea of how to go about distributing the revenue among local governments.