Vancouver Police In Terrace Talking Drug Education

David Steverding, a current member of Vancouver Police Department, Steverding is in town as part of Odd Squad Productions. He was at Skeena Middle School this week talking about the dangers of drug addiction.

"Drug addiction happens everywhere. It's our belief that it's much more beneficial to make kids aware about the parels of drug addiction and have them thinking about that issue before jumping in with both feet." Steverding said.

The grade ten media arts class at Caledonia high school media arts class is preparing public service announcements on the street drug fentanyl. The end goal id to explore the dangers of the drug and look at ways to prevent usage and addiction.

With fentanyl being a major concern in the lower mainland Terrace RCMP are warning the public it has found its way north as well.

"Fentanyl is here. We have had overdoses because of the drug. And just one or two weeks ago one our members had to administer a naloxone kit to a victim of an overdose." Said Constable Angela Rabut of the Terrace RCMP.

Education remains the main goal for Police in order to make sure people have the correct information before rolling the dice on street drugs.