Balfour residents will vote when it comes to capital upgrades to their water system

Balfour residents will have a chance to vote in a referendum when it comes to capital upgrades to their water system.

General Manager of Environmental Services Uli Wolf says they asked for an extension for the project after the Alternative Approval Process  failed.

They've been granted over 2.8 million dollars from the province and the feds through the Clean Water and Wastewater fund, but it's conditional on the RDCK contributing 17 percent, or just over 580-thousand dollars.

He says the catch is the majority of the work will have to be done regardless, so instead of the 580-thousand, they'd have to borrow around 1.4 million if the referendum fails over a shorter period of time, which could easily double the user fees.

Balfour residents will have three opportunities to cast their ballots: advance voting on June 7th, general voting on June 17th and mail ballot voting. 

A public meeting will be held May 15th in the Balfour Community Hall.