Concerns after new Centennial Park washrooms vandalized in Creston

The brand new Centennial Park washrooms were vandalized earlier this month in Creston.

Mayor Ron Toyota says less than two months after they were built by the Creston Valley Rotary Club, the washrooms were damaged.

He says it's very disheartening that this kind of thing can happen.

The bathrooms are locked now for the winter, but next year Toyota says they're going to have to look at locks, camera security and electronic timing.

He says it's unfortunate they have to do that kind of thing to protect community facilities.

He says they're looking at offering a 2-thousand dollar reward for the arrest and conviction of whoever's responsible.

They're also looking at establishing a reward fund for any time town property's damaged, it's been referred to budget discussions for 2017.

Anyone with information is asked to call RCMP.