Dangerous and deadly drug found in Nelson

Nelson Police are warning residents about an extremely dangerous, and deadly drug found in the community.

A substance known as Carfentanil, has been found in suspected counterfeit oxycodone tablets seized from a suspect during a recent arrest in the city.

Nelson police were notified by Health Canada, a federal agency which analyses drugs seized by police for criminal prosecution.

Police say Carfentanil is extremely dangerous, and it's 10 thousand times more potent than morphine...the synthetic opiod was initially developed to tranquilize elephants, but it's increasingly been found in illicit drugs throughout North America...even a few granules can be fatal if ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through skin contact.

When it comes to illicit drug overdose deaths, the Kootenay Boundary experienced 10 last year, there were 922 around the province.

Police say the presence of Carfentanil should be considered a possibility in any illicit drugs with no known method of street level testing for its presence available at this time.