Grand Forks RCMP Issue Scam Warning

Another community is reporting the CRA tax scam. The latest warning is coming from the Grand Forks RCMP detatchment. The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre continues to receive reports that residents have been targeted, and there are two variations to the scam. In one, fraudsters call consumers impersonating the Canada Revenue Agency, claiming a recent audit has identified discrepancies from past filed tax, and repayment is required immediately.Scammers threaten consumers that failure to pay will result in additional fees or jail time. Payment is requested through a money service business or pre-paid cards. The second scam involves consumers receiving an email indicating a refund is pending from the Canada Revenue Agency and consumers are urged to input their information before receiving the refund. In that case victims give out personal information, but no refund is ever issued. Victims are urged to call the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre.