Most homes under evacuation order in Kaslo are now under an evacuation alert

41 homes in the Kaslo area still remain under evacuation alert after this weeks landslide, but only 6 are still on an evacuation order.

The RDCK says the order and alert will remain in place for at least the next week while geo-technical engineers conduct further monitoring and assessment of the slide.

The site was assessed yesterday and  the volume of the slide is estimated to be 10,000 to 20,000 cubic metres, 100m long and 75m wide. 

The toe of the slide is approximately 300m above the nearest houses on Zwicky Road, and a small volume of muddy water is flowing down to the area above the houses. 

A small amount of slide movement was also noted and other signs of continuing instability were observed.

 Engineers blame the slide on recent heavy rains and the melting of an usually heavy snowpack.

It's also part of a larger dormant ancient landslide feature.