Rossland can do major rebuild of Spokane Street, thanks to grant

Rossland will be able to go ahead with a couple of big projects, thanks to the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Grants, a partnership between the feds the province and municipalities.

The first project is a major rebuild of Spokane Street.

The city has experienced multiple failures of both the water and sewer lines on Spokane, LeRoi, and First Avenue.

Rossland is getting close to 3.6 million dollars in funding, with the city adding 743-thousand dollars to the project.

The other grant is for a major inflow and infiltration strategy to address the problem of storm and groundwater getting into sewer lines, so they have to pay to treat water instead of just sewage at the treatment plant in Trail.

That's a half a million dollar project.

Mayor Kathy Moore says they would have had to do the rebuild of Spokane Street over multiple years because of the cost, if not for the announced funding.

Meanwhile Salmo is receiving the largest grant in the villages history, of over 1.7 million for a total renewal of the 45 year old wastewater system, and an additional grant of 104-thousand for a comprehensive asset inventory and condition assessment upgrading project of all linear infrastructure.