Some RDCK tipping fees increasing

Mixed waste tipping fees are increasing in the RDCK's Central and West Subregions, starting next month.

For the West Subregion, tipping fees will increase 5-dollars a tonne to 90-dollars a tonne...that affects the Ootishenia and Nakusp landfills, and the Roseberry, Slocan, Burton and Edgewood transfer stations.

For the Central Subregioin, mixed waste tipping fees will increase 15-dollars, to 100-dollars a tonne, aligning with the current tipping fees at Grohman Narrows Transfer Station..facilities affected are the Balfour, Salmo, Kaslo, Marblehead and Ymir Transfer stations.

Tipping fees for compacted waste, controlled waste, asbestos, bulky waste, noxious weeds which have not been source separated, and reusable products have also increased accordingly. 

The RDCK is not increasing the “per container” tipping fee, which remains at $2.50 at all sites.