Some residents not getting the message when it comes to distracted driving

West Kootenay Traffic and the West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit have been working on a Distracted Driving and Occupant Restraint Campaign...and it appears some residents just aren't getting the message.

Sergeant Chad Badry says so far this year traffic units have handed out 98 cell phone tickets and 37 seatbelt tickets,  despite the increase in fines for cell phone use, which went up to 368 dollars last June.

Stats show you increase the likelihood of getting into a crash by five times when using a cell phone while driving.

Badry is reminding residents to turn your phone off and place it out of the reach of the driver before driving, pull well off the road and park before answering or using a phone.

He says it's also important to make it socially unacceptable to use a cell phone while driving.