Two local Social Enterprises getting a boost, while locals gain work experience

Two projects in our region are getting a boost, with funding through the Job Creation Partnership Stream of the community and Employer Partnership Program.

The project in Trail will see 3 people gaining work experience as they renovate the Trail Association for Community Living's Inclusion Centre, Thrift store, and extreme weather shelter.

Spokesperson Sheila Adcock says it's a 29 week project, with a price tag of over 90-thousand dollars.

The work's completed, under professional supervision, by EI eligible participants looking to enhance their employment skills.

In Creston, 4 workers will carry on the renovation of buildings at Spectrum Farms, a social enterprise that houses and employs people with complex needs to grow and harvest fruit and vegetables, raise free range chickens and sheep.

It's a 146-thousand dollar project, that will complete the renovation of the Rosewood Building, which houses the farms fibre mill, and will be home to a market this Spring to allow goods to be sold on site.