Ymir and Balfour approved for Clean Water and Wastewater Fund grants

The RDCK says better water is in store for Ymir and Balfour, thanks to the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

The Ymir Water Storage Reservoir Replacement will receive over 637-thousand dollars from the feds and the province.

The remaining $131-thousand will be borne by the service.

That allows Ymir to replace it's aging water tank, enhancing fire protection, and ensuring cleanliness of water.

The Balfour Water System Upgrade and Universal Metering Project has been granted over $2.8 million from the province and the feds.

Currently, the RDCK is seeking approval from the residents in the Balfour Water System Area through an Alternative Approval Process to determine if they support the RDCK borrowing $588-thousand.

That money would fund a number of essential capital projects for the system, including replacing the reservoir, installing universal metering, upgrading standby power and performing distribution capacity and reliability upgrades.