Miley Cyrus Talks New Music, Marriage

Miley Cyrus says her upcoming album will have several different sounds.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the singer revealed “there’s psychedelic elements, there’s pop elements, there’s more hip-hop-leaning records.

“You know, in the same way I like to kind of just be genderless, I like feeling genre-less.”

Cyrus, who said she hopes to have new music out this summer, described the album as “just kind of a mosaic of all the things that I’ve been before.”

The new album will be the singer’s first since 2017’s Younger Now, which spawned the hit “Malibu.”

Cyrus said of that collection: “I wasn’t smoking weed and I wasn’t partying and I had gone sober for a year. And I feel like that was challenging the system as much as anything else I’ve ever done—to have a female pop writer that says, ‘All right, I’m only going to write all my own songs. I don’t want to share lyrics with anyone else. I just want to write what I feel.’”

Cyrus, who grew up in Toronto – where her father shot his TV series Doc – spoke to Vanity Fair about the fire that destroyed her home last year. “I’ll never be happy that all those memories and pictures and things that I’ve loved are gone," she said. "But to have an experience like this—I find myself feeling more connected to being human again."

The singer admitted getting married was "kind of out of character for me" and said she feels "zero per cent different" ever since tying the knot with Liam Hemsworth. "I would say that losing the house changed us much more than getting married changed us."

Cyrus also lamented the lack of female producers in the music industry. “But it’s fun to be the female in the room that has the most say,” she admitted. “I have such male energy. I think I associate with male energy more, because I maybe do feel this sense of power.”