241 properties on evacuation alert in the Boundary

There are now 241 properties on evacuation alert in the Boundary, due to flooding or imminent flooding.

In the Grand Forks area, alerts have been issued for 29 properties in the Nursery, and 24 properties in the Darcy area...a further 65 properties in Johnson flats, 88 in the Edward Gilpin Area, and 91 in Almond Gardens are also on alert...the other properties are between Westbridge and Beaverdell.

An evacuation alert means residents need to pack and be ready to leave immediately if flood conditions worsen and an evacuation order is required for public safety. 

During an evacuation alert, residents need to gather essential items, move important belongings to higher locations in their homes, arrange to move pets or livestock, arrange for alternate accommodation for themselves and designate a meeting place away from the evacuation area.

Waters continue to rise in the Kettle River, West Kettle River, the Granby River and Boundary Creek. 

Continuing forecasts for warm overnight temperatures and possible rain mean conditions are expected to worsen in the coming days.