41 Distracted Driving Tickets handed out in the West Kootenay Friday

There's been a lot of talk about distracted driving recently.

Local police took part in a province wide campaign last week, targeting distracted drivers and occupant restraints.

And there was no shortage of tickets handed out locally.

Between Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, police officers with West Kootenay Traffic Services and Nelson City Police wrote 41 distracted driving and 8 seatbelt violation tickets.

 In the same operation police also wrote 36 violation tickets for other offences and issued 15 Notice & Orders.

Distracted driving, which includes the use of cell phones, remains one of the top three contributing factors to crashes in our area and in the Province. 

And you don't have to be talking on a cell phone to get a ticket...the definition of "use" in the Motor Vehicle Act includes holding a device in a
position in which it may be used such as balanced on a lap or in hand. 

Changing a song on a phone or iPod is still using it. 

Police actually say one of the worst  times a driver can use their cell phone is while stopped in traffic.

 A driver's instinct is to start moving as soon as traffic starts moving again, but the driver has missed all that is going on around the driver with other vehicles and pedestrians, and that can be dangerous.

There are also stiffer fines and penalties now for distracted driving...new measures are online at www.icbc.com