A couple of fires of concern around the RDKB has led to some evacuation alerts

The RDKB has activated the Emergency Operations Centre to Level 1 due to wildfires around the region, with some evacuation alerts in effect.

The Granby River and Big Sheep Creek Valley's were impacted by thunderstorms yesterday with lightning, but not much rain.

That started some fires immediately, and due to high winds and temperatures, and a large number of new fires, many weren't able to be actioned immediately allowing them to grow beyond the initial attack stage.

At this point there are a number of out of control wildfires burning around Southeastern BC.

One of concern is the Toronto Creek fire, north of Grand Forks at kilometre 13 on Granby Road.

The EOC has put 22 address points on evacuation alert.

 As well, there is a fire burning just on the USA / Canada border between Rossland and Christina Lake.  

33 address points in the Big Sheep Creek valley and Santa Rosa areas will be put on evacuation alert, delivered by firefighters from KBRFR and Christina Lake.  

In the RDCK, the Blacktail Mountain wildfire is in Kokanee Glacier Park, about 8 km's southeast of Silverton...there's an area restriction there including Idaho Peak.

Air quality is also a concern, with monitoring stations reporting that the air quality health index exceeds the maximum value.

 Those with respiratory conditions, the very young and the elderly should seek shelter indoors until conditions improve.