A group in the Lower Columbia Region has released a new Map for Poverty Reduction

A new report shows that key indicators of poverty remain high in the Lower Columbia Region.

A new plan, Thriving for All, Lower Columbia Poverty Reduction plan is focused on delivering solutions to poverty locally.

Jan Morton with the Skills Centre says the plan is the culmination of a 5 year process that involved input from service providers, local business and industry, local government, and a number of people who are currently living in poverty.

There are 18 recommendations in the plan that fall into 5 broad themes, housing, food security, social, health and community services, learning and development, and a vibrant and inclusive economy.

According to Morton, there are a lot of different services offered by different organizations, but they're not necessarily well coordinated, and they're often set up to address emergency situations rather than looking at long term systemic change.

The report is online www.communityskillscentre.com/poverty reduction