American Indigenous Man's right to hunt in Canada upheld

The BC Court of Appeal has upheld An American Indigenous Man's right to hunt in Canada

9 years ago, Richard Desautel was charged under the wildlife act with hunting without a license and hunting big game while not a resident of BC after he shot and killed an elk near Castlegar.

Desautel,  argued in provincial court that he was exercising his constitutional right to hunt for ceremonial purposes.

The man is a member of the Lakes Tribe in Washington State, which has been described a successor group to the Sinixt people, who were declared extinct by the federal government in the 1950's.

The ruling found that hunting in the Kootenays was a part of the Sinixt distinctive culture before European contact, and still part of the Lakes tribe culture.

Desautel says the ruling is another step toward erasing the Canadian 'extinction' of his people.