Assessments in the mail, and most homeowners around the region can expect an increase

Kootenay and Boundary Property Assessments are in the mail,  and the majority of residential home owners around the region can expect an increase.

Deputy Assessor Ramaish Shah says any change between 0 and 10 percent is considered a stable market, and that's pretty much what they're seeing.

A few of the larger increases in assessments came in Rossland, up 11.8 percent, Fruitvale, up 17.2 percent,  Grand Forks, up 9.9 percent and Nelson, up 9.3 percent.

The average price of a house in Nelson went from 378-thousand to 413-thousand year over year.

According to Shah, the values reflect sales they see and in some of the areas there aren't a lot of properties listed on the market at any given time which can put some upwards pressure on prices.

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