At risk and homeless youth the focus of a public forum in Nelson today

There's a public forum later today (Wednesday) in Nelson, with discussion on the services and challenges at risk and homeless youth face, as well as exploring community connections that can make a difference.

It's part of Homelessness Action Week in Nelson.

The Honorary Chair is Tim Mushumanski.

He's the principal of Rosemont Elementary and the former Vice Principal at LV Rogers...he says he had his eyes opened to youth homelessness at LV Rogers, saying the number of students who didn't have stable home situations was both surprising and concerning.

He says a home is a foundation, you want children to have a roof over their heads, and great meals at home and loving support there and if one of those things is missing it's kind of like the Jenga game. When you pull one of those pieces out you look at what else might topple because of that so it makes their jobs as educators far more challenging.

The Nelson Committee On Homelessness  Point In Time Count  showed more than half of respondents had their first experience of homelessness before the age of 19.

The Forum is the Adventure Hotel Ballroom today starting at 5pm.