Big flood mapping study being done around the RDCK


A big flood mapping study is underway across the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

The board will be doing region wide assessments to update existing flood mapping, to help support future land use planning, and to help communities be resilient to floods and related emergencies.

Board Chair Aimee Watson says when the Johnson's Landing landslide happened, not only were they dealing with a tragedy, but a lot of time and money was spent to replace the destroyed water system.

This study will help them understand the risks and plan for natural disasters.

This project started in 2017 when the RDCK received federal and provincial funding to prepare a Flood and Steep Creek Geohazard Risk Prioritization Study, including all 11 rural electoral areas and nine member municipalities. 

Building on the initial risk assessment work, the RDCK retained BGC Engineering to undertake the flood mapping study, which is also funded through the federal and provincial government.

Work will be done over the next couple of months, with field crews on the ground and in boats throughout the region.