Boundary River levels being monitored due to rain, not snowmelt

The RDKB is closely monitoring river levels in the Boundary.

Rivers are expected to rise quickly with rain in the forecast, and residents are being advised to stay clear of rapidly rising creeks and rivers.

Interim Manager of Emergency Programs Mark Stephens says that after a long stretch of sunny weather, they want residents to be aware there may be a rapid rise in stream and river levels and muddy water that contains debris lifted from banks and channels.

He says that riverbanks that may have been stable in the past could now be unstable after last year's flooding.

The RDKB is working  with the BC River Forecast Centre who have indicated that the snowpack in the Boundary is almost gone. 

The snow that remains is about one third of the amount that remained in the mountains this time last year. 

The expected rise in river levels will be due to rain, not melting snow.

Anyone who sees erosion or flooding can contact the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre at 1- 800-663-3456.