Castlegar and District Community Complex will be getting a new Ice Chiller

The Ice Chiller at the Castlegar and District Community Complex will be replaced.

The existing chiller has been service for 22 years and has reached the end of it's useful service life.

Officials say the new model will provide enhanced safety and efficiency.

The Castlegar and District Recreation Commission considered moving the Pioneer Arena chiller to the Complex, since it still has several years of service life remaining. 

This would have meant the immediate closure of the Pioneer Arena. 

If the upcoming referendum on enhancements to the Complex is successful, this would mean that the community would be without a second ice sheet for at least three years.

Following the tragic incident at the Fernie Arena last October, ammonia refrigeration plants  have come under scrutiny. 

The RDCK engaged Strong Refrigeration to review refrigeration plants in the region and they recommended the replacement of the chiller

Work will take place this summer, with the new chiller to be operational in time for the fall ice programs.