Castlegar Helicopter Company raising awareness when it comes to their air ambulance capabilities

A Castlegar Helicopter company is trying to raise awareness when it comes to their air ambulance capabilities.

Dam Helicopters President Dunc Wassick they have two twin engine helicopters that are certified to land at hospitals locally here. One is equip with medical equipment that could be used while transporting a patient.

They're contracted by BC Air Ambulance to do transports, but BCAS has a dedicated aircraft out of Kamloops for that when it's available.

But the BCAS transport comes out of Kamloops, and isn't always available.

He says they haven't done a lot of air ambulance calls recently.

According to BCAS they don't have the crews available to transport patients, and Wassick says like to see that here...there used to be a critical transport team in the area, but that was several years ago.

They're hoping to see air ambulance awareness promoted in the area for improved access for residents.