Changes this year for Stepping Stones Extreme Weather Program

The Stepping Stones Emergency Shelter in Nelson is a busy place.

They're the only emergency shelter that's open between Kelowna and Calgary, year round 24/7, and there have been some changes when it comes to their Extreme Weather Program this year.

Program Manager Margie Hill says it's normally dictated by how cold it is, so it had to go down to minus 1 before they could open that part of the shelter for the night.

Now it will be open nightly until March and that's good news for the community, that already has an affordable housing issue.

She says it's tough out there to find housing so they do often find themselves at full occupancy. What the winter program allows for is 5 additional beds on a first come first served basis.

The extra funding to keep it open came from BC Housing.

Meanwhile she says they have a transitional support worker at the shelter, and part of their job is to help people find housing in Nelson or surrounding areas.

They also have a blanket drive, looking for bedding, like quilts and sleeping bags.

They can be dropped off at Stepping Stones on Vernon Street.