City of Trail won't be a part of meeting to talk about sulphuric acid spills today

The City of Trail won't be participating in a meeting to talk about the sulphuric acid spills in the Spring, arranged by International Raw Materials.

Mayor Mike Martin says the original intent of the meeting was to have a formal debriefing with IRM, Teck, Emergency Services and other parties to discuss actions taken to ensure incidents like that won't occur in the future, but several parties have now indicated they're aren't able to or are unwilling to participate in the meeting.

He says the shift in participation will not allow the remaining parties to conduct a proper debriefing.

While he says it might happen in the future, at this point with various legal concerns coming forward, until those issues are resolved, the parties directly involved are proceeding with caution.

Meanwhile he says the City was very disappointed with the lack of information made available following the incidents.

IRM and Teck have  issued a joint public information piece that is now available. That link is below on the City of Trail website.

The City is proceeding with a number of claims for its fleet vehicles that may have passed through the spills and continues to inspect its surface and underground in infrastructure.