Colder temperatures means increased electricity use

With the cold temperatures, FortisBC says they're seeing an increase in use on the electricity side.

Corporate Communications Officer  Nicole Brown says compared to what people are using since the first week of November, we're up around 30 percent on the electricity side.

She says it's pretty typical this time of year, but it does mean people will get a higher bill than they were expecting.

She says it's a good time to know where your home is losing heat, so that way you can figure out where to add draft proofing..she says they have an online tool to track usage, head to www,

Meanwhile she says the good news is they're not seeing a big increase on the gas side of things.

Enbridge was able to bring the line back up to 85 percent after an explosion near Prince George last fall, thanks to a relatively mild winter, and conservation efforts around the province.