Community working to save Cottonwood Lake slopes from logging

A community effort to save Cottonwood Lake slopes from logging is now in high gear.

Andrew McBurney says since a meeting last month, they've formed the Cottonwood Preservation Society.

They've also raised close to 35-thousand dollars through a go fund me account.

He says it's a two pronged approach.

They're hoping the funds raised will help maintain pressure on the powers that be to keep negotiations going, and to take the money and help kick start the grant process to get the land into public hands.

According to McBurney, the society is working towards a major grant deadline this month...

The land in the Nelson area is privately owned, and logging is unregulated, but the RDCK has been engaging the landowner, who was said to be willing to negotiate a sale.

The hope is to secure the land and timber for preservation, to make it a win win for al parties involved.

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