Concerns being raised when it comes to Upper Pass Creek grad parties

The Upper Pass Creek Park and ball field has been the site of a number of local grad parties over the past few years, but a group of residents and officials are hoping to change that.

Late last month,  RCMP checked about 4-hundred vehicles heading into the area, with 50 liquor seizures from underage youth and two impaired drivers taken off the road.
One reveller was taken to the hospital  for an apparent alcohol and drug overdose. 

Area I Director Andy Davidoff says there are a number of concerns about the bonfires causing wildfires in the area, and the possibility of a student getting hurt with no cell service in the area.

He says they've been working at the Regional District level for a year, trying to figure out how to deal with these mass gathering events. 

He says they're looking at mass gathering, special events and noise bylaws, but they only have two bylaw officers.

A letter signed by Davidoff, the Pass Creek Neighbourhood Association and the Pass Creek Fire Department is asking Castlegar area kids, parents, and the community to look at the situation.

He says if the powers that be decide to sanction a party like that then it should be in a location where it's safe.