Concerns in Warfield after a girl was nearly hit in school crosswalk

Trail RCMP increased school zone enforcement in Warfield last week, after a young girl was nearly hit by a vehicle in the crosswalk along the Highway to Webster Elementary.

According to police the crossing guard was instrumental in alerting the 6 year old about the oncoming vehicle and preventing the girl getting hit.

Sergeant Mike Wicentowich says the vehicle was travelling at  30 km's an hour, and they believe the driver just didn't notice.

Wicentowich says it's a very difficult crosswalk and school zone to control, being on the highway and just down from what's considered much higher speed limits, up to 70km's an hour, especially coming down the hill.

He says it can lead to people travelling too fast or not noticing it's a school zone so it's a constant challenge to get people to comply with the speed zone.

Wicentowich says they're planning more school zone enforcement this week.

In the meantime they're still hoping to talk to the woman driving the black Subaru Hatchback, partial license plate 11K, or 11X.