Coyote still causing concerns in East and West Trail

Castlegar Conservation is still getting calls about a coyote in the East and West Trail areas.

CO Ben Beetlestone says they had a number of calls earlier this week, and they've been actively trying to deal with the coyote, but they're elusive and usually not around by the time they arrive.

He thinks it's the same coyote because they never have calls in the downtown core and West Trail at the same time as they have ones in East Trail and Glenmerry.

He also says it's habituated and people have been seen feeding the coyote.

They're getting reports the coyote is accessing garbage, and getting fed by some residents, and he thinks the coyotes aggressive behaviour is more because it's approaching people in hopes of getting a food reward because people have been feeding it.

He's encouraging people where the coyote's been seen to carry a walking stick or bear spray and to keep pets and small kids close by.