Crashes in Trail and near Grand Forks yesterday

A number of crashes yesterday around the region, one involving a Tanker Trunk east of Grand Forks.

According to BC Spill Response, the truck was carrying 40-thousand litres of fuel when it overturned, fortunately there was no spill.

Crews were able to offload the fuel into another tanker.

Highway 3 was closed at times during the incident.

So far no word as to the cause of the incident, which happened around 11 yesterday morning.

Meanwhile a couple of crashes on Highway 22 between Genelle and Castlegar also closed the highway at times yesterday morning.

The first crash involved three vehicles, which were heavily damaged...two people were sent to hospital with undetermined injuries...the 2nd crash happened just south of the first one, as motorists attempted to avoid the first crash...there's word there was no injuries and only minor damage in that one.

Roads were said to be extremely icy  yesterday morning.