Creston Rat Patrol up and running to help eradicate the pests


Rats are causing concerns in the Creston area.

Trish Drinkle has started up the Creston Rat Patrol on Facebook, due to Norway and roof rats showing up in the Valley.

The site offers support and solutions for the community, including both eradication and attractant management.

She says attractant management is really big, the more food the rats have the more they can reproduce.

According to Drinkle a recent study showed a female rat can get pregnant when she's already pregnant, and two rats can produce 1000 offspring in one year.

Rats can also spread bacteria that cause disease in humans, and damage buildings. 

Drinkle is hoping residents will keep garbage secure, don't leave pet food outside, or bird feeders...and manage their compost and fruit trees...she also suggests trapping.

Head to Creston Rat Patrol on Facebook for details.