Darkwoods Conservation project is now even bigger

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The Nature Conservancy of Canada has finalized a big local project.

They've added close to 8-thousand hectares to the Darkwoods Conservation area in the South Selkirk Mountains along Kootenay Lake between Nelson and Creston, making the largest private land conservation project in Canada even bigger.

BC Regional Vice President Nancy Newhouse says the Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased the area that encompasses most of the Next Creek Watershed, a large tract of private land.

She says the acquisition effectively completes the Darkwoods Conservation Area by filling the “hole” that has been in the centre of the conservation area since it was first established by NCC in 2008.

Darkwoods provides essential habitat for close to 40 confirmed species at risk.

According to Newhouse, they raised close to $20 million to acquire the Next Creek watershed lands and to provide for the long-term management of the Darkwoods Conservation Area.

She says they've had a lot of support to get to this stage, including from the various levels of Government, the CBT, and the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program.