Economic Development Coordinator hired in the Slocan Valley

The Slocan Valley has an Economic Development Plan, to encourage a thriving, resilient local economy through appropriate economic growth.

Now they have a new Economic Development Coordinator to put the plan in motion.

Ron LeBlanc has taken on the newly formed position, tasked with implementing the recommendations of the plan, that was developed in partnership with the Villages of Slocan, Silverton, New Denver, and the RDCK Area H, along with the Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission and community and stakeholder consultations.

He says it's going to be a process.

LeBlanc says he's an action oriented person so he wants to see results right away.

He plans to get out and meet people in the community to talk about their businesses or business ideas, and talk about how to support businesses and home based businesses.

According to LeBlanc, the Valley is going through transition as a lot of people are aware where the legalization of cannabis is coming down the pipe and a lot of people are going to be how do people transition into the new economy.

LeBlanc is a long time Valley resident and business owner.