Emergency Officials in Grand Forks assessing damage after rivers peaked overnight

The RDKB says Boundary are rivers peaked overnight, now emergency officials are beginning to assess the damage.

Record high water levels in the West Kettle, Kettle and Granby rivers overnight have flooded hundreds of properties, knocked out power in a large area of Grand Forks and trapped an unknown number of residents in their homes in Grand Forks. 

Emergency officials are flying over both the west Boundary and Grand Forks areas today to determine how many people are trapped by high water and to begin to determine the level of damage to property, infrastructure, transportation and utilities.

The focus today is to help people who are trapped by high water and to complete a multi-agency assessment and mitigation plan for critical infrastructure such as utilities, roads, dams, fire halls and other resources.

Weather forecasts are for clear skies and warmer temperatures over the coming days, which will continue to melt mountain snow meaning river levels are expected to remain high. 

The RDKB says they're in the initial stages of creating a re-entry plan for residents who are currently on evacuation order so they can let people back into their homes when it is safe to do so. 

Affected residents, including those staying with family or friends, should register as soon as possible at the Emergency Social Services (ESS) Reception Centre at the Grand Forks Curling Centre.