Fire engine written off in Trail due to acid spill, so now what?

Kootenay Boundary Regional Fire Rescue's new fire engine has been written off, and that's causing concerns for the Fire Chief.

The 715-thousand dollar year old engine has been removed from service because of the sulphuric acid spill in the Spring.

Dan Derby says it's designed to be the workhorse of the fleet and responds to all fires, so they need a truck like that.

They're trying to see if there's something they can rent,  lease, or borrow in the interim.

Another concern, he says at this point it looks like the insurance payout won't cover the replacement cost.

He says replacement value insurance for new vehicles isn't available for emergency vehicles, so that could affect budgets.

They're working through the process with the East End Services Committee and the RDKB Board for approval to replace the truck and looking at options.

The design order and build process can take 12-16 months.