Flood recovery measures a priority in the Boundary

There still isn't a lot of clarity when it comes to provincial funding of Boundary flood recovery measures.

RDKB Chair Roly Russell says the province has been supportive verbally when it comes to a number of measures, and there has been some positive news when it comes to components of the emergency housing request, but there are still a lot of residents facing uncertainty.

Russel says there are a number people in the rural areas that are also not in homes suitable for the winter and that's the number one priority...he says it's taking much too long to get to the point where they have some kind of assurance and options to put in front of those people so they're not going into winter with those people in inappropriate homes.

He says the key recommendations for the community flood recovery from the Dobson Engineering Report apply to all areas of the Boundary from Christina Lake in the East to Carmi in the West.

They've been looking for provincial funding for some of the recommendations which include helping homeowners in low lying areas to raise their houses, and advocating for provincial support to explore land swaps or alternative options for low lying properties where it's not practical to raise the dwelling to Flood Construction Levels.