Flooding in Grand Forks means way more material going into local landfill

With the flooding in Grand Forks, there's been a big surge in the amount of material going into the local landfill.

Tim Dueck is the Solid Waste Program Director for the RDKB, he says they're estimating that 21 thousand tonnes of waste could be going to the local landfill because of the flooding which is 4 times the normal amount they'd deal with in a year.

He says a lot of material can be diverted, things like clean wood waste, metal and appliances.

As well Dueck says toxic materials like paints and solvents should be diverted.

There's word 450 homes were damaged in the flooding, 19 seriously.

Meanwhile Dueck says its been a really hard time for the community, and for the landfill attendants whose friends and neighbours are flood victims.