Forecasts look better this week when it comes to potential flooding around the region

A bit of relief in the Grand Forks area over the weekend when it comes to potential flooding.

Emergency Program Manager Chris Marsh says there were concerns with the hot temperatures heading into last weekend and a lot of precipitation in the forecast, but over the weekend with cooler temperatures they didn't get to the more concerning levels.

This week the forecast is for lower river levels.

He says it's not necessarily the end of the flood season, but with the initial peak they haven't seen widespread impacts yet.

He says they had a lot of people doing proactive sandbagging in the area, including local faith communities.

Meanwhile he says they're watching Beaver Creek in Fruitvale closely.

He says it's typical for the playground area to get flooded, but the concern is for low lying properties if it get's any worse.

Fortunately he says the weather forecast is favourable with cooler more season temperatures, and not a lot of precipitation.