FortisBC applying to change Two Tiered Billing for Residential Customers

FortisBC's Two Tiered Billing for Residential Customers may change in the future.

They've applied to the BCUC for a return to the single residential rate.

Communications Advisor Nicole Bagdonovic says with the two tiered system people are billed a lower rate for the first 800 kilowatt hours and a higher rate above that each month.

Originally it was put in place to encourage people to conserve, but they heard from many participants with concerns about the two-tiered rate particularly those with high energy needs and limited conservation options.

If approved, the return to a single, flat rate for residential customers will be phased in over five years to mitigate annual rate impacts for lower consumption customers.

They're also going to be re-establishing a time-of-use rate as an option for residential customers as a way of reducing energy consumption during peak demand times.