Gear oil spill from Osprey 2000 Ferry over the weekend

What's being called a catastrophic failure of one of the Osprey 2000 ferry's propulsion unit, led to a gear oil spill into Kootenay Lake Saturday morning.

The Ministry of Environment reports that about 400 litres of gear oil  leaked into the lake, which has created a sheen on the surface of the water.

Western Pacific Marine, has hired a contractor to clean the spill, and to sample and monitor the water in the lake near Balfour.

IH  is cautioning people to avoid recreational use of Kootenay Lake along a 400 metre stretch of shoreline next to the Balfour Ferry terminal. 

Officials say there doesn't appear to be drinking water intakes in this area but People should avoid swimming in the area, and should prevent their pets from swimming there as well. 

There's word the Osprey 2000 will be out of service for a while.