Good news when it comes to unemployment rate locally, and nationally

The unemployment rate is down in the Kootenays, and nationally its at it's lowest level since Statistics Canada started measuring comparable data more than 40 years ago.

In the Kootenays, the rate in November was 4.1 percent, or 32 hundred people job hunting...last year at the same time there were 56-hundred people looking for work, a rate of 7.5 percent.

There were more people working year over year, from 69, 400 in November 2017, to 75, 300 this year, with gains in service producing industries, everything from Finance and Real Estate to Healthcare and Social Assistance

Nationally, a blast of  94,100 new jobs last month has knocked the country's unemployment rate down to 5.6 per cent, from 5.8 percent in October.

 Statistics Canada says the November employment surge was fuelled by the addition of 89,900 full-time positions.