Grand Forks council meeting to look at options for in kind support


The flood mitigation project buyout of home's in the North Ruckle neighbourhood is under discussion today at Grand Forks Council.

Mayor Brian Taylor says they're looking at options when it comes to in kind support.

A number of residents have expressed concerns that property buyouts to relocate from federal and provincial funding streams would be based on assessments after the flooding, what's called current fair market value.

Taylor says they'll continue to ask the province and feds if they'd consider something different  but in the meantime they're going to mobilize resources to respond more appropriately to residents.

Last month it was announced a pool of nearly 50-million dollars from Ottawa, the province, and the city is to be used to buy properties in order to restore the North Ruckle neighbourhood to a natural flood plain, reinforce about 12-hundred metres of river bank, and build a new retention pond.

The open meeting is at 9 this morning.