Grand Forks flooding update

Grand Forks continues to recover from flooding in the Spring.

There was a meeting this week and  Information Officer Cavan Gates says part of the discussion was results from the river study, which  looked at permanent and low risk solutions for the different neighbourhoods.

He says that included raising homes in flood plains, to be at flood construction level.

They're also looking at permanent flood structures for the North and South Ruckle and downtown areas.

another option on the table for  North and South Ruckle was some kind of buyout program that would allow residents to relocate somewhere within or close to the community.

He says the city and RDKB will be making a decision in the next 4 to 6 weeks on which direction to take to the province that the community wants.

As for residential damage, Gates says there was a lot of immediate support from aid agencies, taking flood damaged items out of homes and to the landfills.

On the commercial side of things, he says it was more of a challenge, with fewer aid organizations for businesses, and the way disaster financial assistance and insurance is rolled out.

He says a lot of businesses are funding their own repairs, with limited support, although most are now open for business.

With Critical infrastructure, everything is running but some repairs continue to be made.