Group needs support of the region to get a new playground at the Brilliant Cultural Centre

The group looking to get funding from the BCAA Play Here Initiative is hoping to get the whole region behind them.

USCC Children's Orchard Preschool, which runs in the Brilliant Cultural Centre, is hoping to make it to the top 3 to get 100-thousand dollars for a new playground which is used by the preschool, and the community as a whole.

Tasha Kanigan is a committee member, she says they're the only group from our region to get into the top 10.

She says the over 25 year old playground is beyond repair and is an unsafe place for kids to play.

They're hoping with the funding it could be demolished and replaced with new one.

Right now they're sitting at about 5th spot, and they need to be in the top 3.

Residents can vote up to 4 times a day through email, Google accounts, Facebook and Twitter, head to