Heritage Conservation Project now underway at Ward Street Place


The first phase of a large Heritage Conservation Project is now underway at Ward Street Place.

Nelson Cares Executive Director Jenny Robinson says after a Statement of Significance was completed on the 107 year old building, a Heritage Conservation Plan was created, including installing historic cornices on the building, redoing the awning system, as well as painting and other restoration work.

The work will focus on improving the safety and security of the building.

A major interior renovation, thanks to community donations, has been underway since 2013 and included the installation of a fire sprinkler system and massive upgrades to all the rental units.

The Heritage Conservation Plan is funded by the CBT in partnership with Heritage BC and Nelson Cares.

Robinson says Ward Street Place is the last low income housing in Nelsons downtown.

Nelson CARES operates it as a social enterprise with the rents collected from the 7 commercial units being invested to support the affordability of the residential units.

She says by preserving the commercial space, they make the building viable for decades to come.

Work is expected to continue over the next year and a half.