Housing support a focus after Spring flooding in Grand Forks

Grand Forks Council is expecting to hear back from the province in the next 8-12 months when it comes to the  possible buy out of the North Ruckle area...the residential neighbourhood that was most affected by flooding in the community in the Spring.

Communications Officer Cavan Gates says after options were explored, and residents were given input, that was the option of choice, along with buying out high risk portions of other neighbourhoods, building 3 new dikes, raising houses and armouring parts of the riverbank.

Once they hear back from the province they can do site level assessments, especially in the areas where it's not a complete buy out, to see what property options are.

They also did a housing survey which identified about 90 households that have an immediate or medium term need for housing support.

He says a lot of people are still out of their houses, and a lot of people have put money and sweat equity into making their homes livable for the winter.

There's a separate housing plan that will be implemented in the Fall.

He says the plan could mean making homes livable for the winter, looking at increasing the number of rental units, and looking at secondary suites or garden suites in the community.