ICBC has now filed a notice of Civil Claim when it comes to acid spills in Trail

ICBC has filed a Notice of Civil Claim for costs due to the Trail Sulfuric acid spills.

The notice has been filed on behalf of customers, seeking financial relief for the loss of, or damage to vehicles, caused by the spills in Trail earlier this year, as well as related costs and expenses.

In the Notice, ICBC lists Westcan, IRM and Teck as Corporate Defendants, two Commercial truck drivers, the RDKB and the City of Trail as Municipal well as the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment as Crown defendants.

ICBC says they had to file the Notice of Civil Claim now to make sure there was no argument available to any of the defendants that it was out of time for bringing the action.

They also say it's to mitigate any impact the events may have on insurance rates, with hundreds of vehicles written off.